Friday, December 31, 2010

Suggestions for Your 2011

You're probably getting ready for the new year, call my psychic.
Here are some of my favorites of 2010 that I recommend for your 2011.

  1. Read a book. Since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I really hadn't read too much, mostly because I was disappointed every time a story line didn't include Voldemort or a house elf. But this year I've gotten to read some good stuff. These have inspired me to work hard, pray without ceasing, stay away from credit cards like they were a bad ex. In case you are interested:

    -Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung
    -Inside Steve's Brain by Leander Kahney
    -Gazelles, Baby Steps and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt by Jon Acuff
    -Radical by David Platt

  2. Take a monthly vacation. It doesn't have to be a long and involved trip, but I've realized I need a break from the usual schedule more often than not. I imagine that's the case for most of us considering our society operates at a break-neck speed all the time. Go home to visit your family. Go to the local museum you've always meant to check out but haven't. Check out a street fair. Go to the beach. It gives you something to look forward to on the mundane days and some good quality time with the people you love.

  3. Inconvenience yourself. This year I've learned a lot about community and love. Let me preface this by saying a year ago I wouldn't have thought I needed any work in these areas. By the end of the year, it's interesting to look back and see the miles I've come. All that to say, the biggest thing I can encourage you to do in 2011 is to inconvenience yourself for the sake of other. Let me clarify that I don't mean that you should allow yourself to be abused, but just as a young, single person, I know how easy it is to live every second for me.

    What do I want?
    What do I want to do today?
    Am I too tired?
    This is going to stress me out, so I should probably avoid it.

    When you are the so-called master of your schedule, it's easy to fill your time with things that ultimately don't matter. This year I've had to make time to help people move, to keep friends accountable, to drive in the snow, to let friends go, to re-establish connections, to make additional stops on already-long road trips, to drive with them to Mississippi on the spur of the moment. All of those things have made me beyond tired, cry, and sweat. But I've also laughed and grown and learned so much. I've been beyond blessed to be "inconvenienced" and, as a result, had a 2010 that changed every part of me. I'm grateful. 

I hope wherever you are, you're surrounded by the people you love. Love them without holding back. I hope you spend the year reading, resting and being inconvenienced. Personally, I'm all the better for it.

Love, MeLissa

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