Thursday, December 2, 2010

Posterlab Love

I posted those Amelie posters earlier and a little hunting led me to this:

Posterlab is a blog featuring poster designer for movies and such by Brazilian graphic designers Rafael Muller, Renan Nuche and Sergio Marcon. I would pay money to be this kind of creative. If I were a graphic designer, I'd have one idea and it'd have to last me the rest of my life.

Me: A poster for Big Fish? I'll put a big fish on it!
Customer: That looks great! Now I need a poster for There Will Be Blood.
Me: ...
Customer: I don't know. Maybe blood?
Me: Hear me out. I've got a really great idea involving a big fish.

 Here are some gems:

Big Fish poster by Sergio Marcon

There Will Be Blood poster by Rafael Muller

Scarface poster by Rafael Muller
Fargo poster by Rafael Muller
Blow Up poster by Rafael Muller

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Anonymous said...

they are so fantastic! This posters are amazing!