Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In 2010...
I was still celebrating the new year a week later.
I survived an entire staff change at work.
I wrote and directed three short videos.
I went to the Red Velvet Art store in Springfield, MO.
I went sledding for the first time ever.
I discovered Barbara's in Franklin.
I made my first tye-dye shirt.
I went on a life-changing adventure after a year of praying for it.
I changed my entire life.
I got a new job.
I went to my #2 concert experience: Mumford & Sons
I decided to adopt a child.
I found a family that I love with my whole heart in Nashville.
I started sharing inspiration online.
I got serious about writing and the future.

I also...
experienced my best friend needing me less and less and a boy more and more. (It's okay, thats how it's supposed to be.)
had to repair relationships with my dad, my brother and my friends in my hometown.
got a phone call from my only boyfriend ever. He was getting married.
got a follow-up phone call from him several months later letting me know he was going to be a father.
missed my family.
had an extremely stressful breakdown at Lost Community Group one evening, surrounded by people who were just wanting the best for me while I acted like a crazy person.
I drove to and from Nebraska.
I had my first Thanksgiving away from home.
cried a lot more in one week than I have in my entire life combined.

That being said, I have high hopes for 2011.
There are a lot of things I want to do.
A lot of things I want to try for the first time.
A lot of things I want to finish up.
How was 2010 for you?

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