Sunday, November 21, 2010

Youth Ministers

I've been at a youth ministry conference all weekend. Let me tell you about youth ministers:

  1. Youth ministers put a premium on facial hair. The goatee is the youth minister's facial hair of choice. It says "I'm hip. I know what's up. I'm not one of the youth group members despite the confusion that may be caused by me wearing Toms and camo shorts and graphic tees."
  2. Youth ministers wear Toms. Birkenstocks during the summer. Or Converse. That's it.

  3. Youth ministers rank themselves based on outlandishness. I saw one youth minister wearing a kilt. He is surely a king to his students. Why wear pants at all when you can wear something other than pants?
  4. Youth ministers do more illegal things that you realize. There were youth ministers walking around with ribbons on their name tags that said "Rules were made cuz of me". This is because most youth ministers can confess stories to you about playing games where students dangle off ledges or ride long distances in the back of trucks on highways. These people are teaching your children. These people are responsible for your children at summer camp. Just make sure to hug your kids extra tight before they leave your watchful eye. Unless you're also their youth minister. In which case, good luck to your children.

Youth ministers do a big job, this is without a doubt. But they are also a unique group of folks attracting many jokes mostly because they wear "Abreadcrumb & Fish" t-shirts and embroidered jeans. They get paid to come up with activities involving getting to eat large quantities of Swiss Miss. That means they should also be able to endure a burn or two. Or four.

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Allison Drew said...

This is all absolutely 100% the truth.

Also, frisbee.