Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home again.

Tonight Lyd and I were watching The Half Blood Prince. I failed to time my water consumption with my movie viewing and we made it to the most intense part when my eyeballs finally started filling up with urine and I couldn't hold it anymore.

"Do you want me to pause it?"

Lydia always asks that. Anytime we're watching something.
She's always okay to pause or rewind.
She's always okay to watch 14 movies in a row actually.

It was almost exactly one year ago I wrote about the idea of home.
I just got teary-eyed when I put two-and-two together.
This is why:

Several of my friends and I (plus my baby brosephs) went to Hogwarts and Disney World last week.
The week following has been a little weird.
See, even though we mostly live in the same city, I missed them so much.
After just one short weekend of sleeping in the same house and eating meals together and traveling long distances together, going back to regular life was a bigger shock than I'd expected.

It was like after #LostCommunityGroup watched the series finale.
It was like after an ordinary Sunday morning.
That's how it was after spending an entire weekend (and 22 hours on the road) together at Hogwarts.

These people- I just miss them. No matter if it's warranted or not.
Their jokes.
Their text messages and tweets.
The stuff they leave around.
The way they walk.
The sound of their laugh.
The way I can always count on them offering to pause the movie we're watching.
*cut to bamboo forest

In the midst of intense sentimentality, I'm a little glad.
To miss something that much means it matters, that it's not your ordinary something.
Last year when I wrote that blog, I was looking at this group of students who loved each other so much and spent time together and lived life together. I wanted that. And a year later, I'm mostly just glad to have people I miss with my whole heart whether they're in Florida or across the hall.

I just love you.

You don't know about real loss, 'cause it only occurs when you've loved something more than you love yourself.
-Sean ("Good Will Hunting")

You don't always love each other to your utmost every second, but the parts that are great surely outweigh the parts that are whatever. You know what outweighs that even more? Not having to ask. People just being there because you know you all belong together.


Seth said...

If "to miss something this much means it matters," then imagine how it feels to know it misses you back.
Abraham Lincoln said that.

Anonymous said...

"there nothing wrong with an seasonal beard."
Abraham Lincoln also said that.

Seth said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but I really don't want to own up to that grammatical error, even if it was Lincoln's folly.

"I'll be in Nashville to holla at my boy Andrew Jackson mid-December. We should grab some Mexican food." - Abraham Lincoln

MeLissa said...

Andrew Jackson is dead.
Also, Andrew Jackson.