Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

I can't say it enough.
I am MORE than impacted by the things I see.
Yesterday I left The Social Network with a plan to take over the world.
This movie about the creation of Facebook lit a fire under me, so get ready.

Before you read any more, press play on this. Then continue.
Don't worry. It's edited.

Here's the inspiration.
This society we live in? This generation? It's filled with geniuses.
It's filled with people who are doing a lot with a little.
They're taking creativity and innovation to a completely new level.
They're rewriting how the planet interacts with one another.
Can you grasp the weight of that?
People like this:

Kanye West. 12 Grammies. Fashion career. Restauranteur. Trendsetter. Musical genius.

Mark Zuckerberg. Inventor. Entrepreneur. The youngest billionaire in history.

Good or bad, people like Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg are not only innovators in their fields, they're impacting culture as a whole. They're not 65 years old. They didn't start out with millions or billions.

I just watched the Social Network so right now I think I can do anything.
I want to talk into business meetings wearing a bathrobe.
I want a zip line from my chimney to my pool.
I want to move to Palo Alto, California and take over the world.
Not really.
But the truth is it's possible... the people I know? They could do it.
You can do it.
And the truer story is we need to people to do world-changing things without walking on stage and stealing the mic from Taylor Swift, ya heard?

So do it. Bake pumpkin bread. Build houses in New Orleans. Make the best non-fat no-whip Pumpkin Spice Latte known to man. Be a director. Start your own BMX company. But if you're going, go all the way. Whatever it is, do it with excellence. And if you are one of those people with the blueprints for an ark in a place that's never heard of rain, this is your time. This is a time for big things.

Things are changing, folks. 

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