Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Is For Ladies

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Some of my friends and I have declared that September is for Ladies.

What does this even mean?

This means that the month of September is going to be spent investing in and being intentional with the ladies I'm so lucky to know. We have lots of fun things planned- dinner, playing MASH, painting our nails, talking about boys.

Correction- we will not be talking about boys, because September is for ladies.

I think we have a lot to learn from one another. Some of us are starting our first relationship. Some of us are ending out last relationship. Some of us are new to town. Some of us are crazy. Some of us are crazier. We're all out of control. This can only end well.

My precious friend Lauren was talking to me about the need for real, substantial friendships, not just surface level acquaintances. You know how you get that? You talk. You eat smores together. You laugh about Kim Kardashian. You cry over not getting to marry Leonardo Dicaprio. You tell your stories and your secrets. That's how. I, for one, need those kinds of relationships.

Ready for a confession time?
Boys distract me. I know I mostly talk about writing scripts, my new bicycle and glittery nails but the secret is boys have this way of stealing all my focus and zapping all my creativity. Maybe I'm surrounded by the wrong boys? Maybe this is not a secret because it's the case for most girls? Maybe I'm being over dramatic? No. I'm CERTAINLY being over dramatic.

Right now I need my creativity intact. I need my focus at 110% because I'm working on some big things- not just artistically, but as a human being in general. I like where I'm heading so, for the month of September, I'm abstaining from as much male interaction as possible.

MeLissa, that's weird.

I know. But, for the first year and a half of my job, I was the only girl. All 23 of our ministers are men. Every other employee was male. I only have brothers. Every church staff or worship team I've been on, boys. Let's face it, if there's someone who could use a little girl time, I'd be a prime candidate.

I'm excited any time there's the opportunity for real community.
I'm excited about the prospect of women learning how to be women from and with other women.
I'm excited about developing the discipline of focus.
I'm excited about not having to worry about boys being around. Honestly, it's a lot of work preparing for boys to be in the mix. Geez.
And after that's all done, I'll be excited that it's October.

A woman's beauty does not belong to her alone.
It is part of the bounty she brings into the world.
She has a duty to share it.
J.M. COETZEE, Disgrace

Have any thoughts on fun ideas for September Is For Ladies?
Who do you think of as the embodiment of what a lady should be?


Anonymous said...

I so understand what you feel. I live with all guys, and I work with all guys! Sometimes I go weeks and weeks without any time with girlfriends! It's one of the things I admire about you & Arley and your girlfriends - you take the time to be together. Last fall, I went to the beach for a week with girlfriends, and I came home and apologized to Dennis, because for a long time I had been really frustrated with him for not being a very good girlfriend :)

Life lesson: A husband is not a girlfriend. And cannot be. Not even a very good substitute.

MeLissa said...

I never thought about that! Excellent insight.

And for as much time as I spend with boys, I am nowhere close to being an expert. They don't all need quality time like I do...ever... So we ladies are taking our energies and investing it into one another for the time being. I'm excited to see what comes of this!

Let us know if you need to get in on September is for Ladies. Or really, if you ever just need girl time.

leslie said...

I read this and two things happened:
1. I got happy for you, and
2. I got jealous for me.

This is what I need. This entire blog. Always.

Jeff said...

Do me, Hobbs, and Josh need to bring anything on Monday when we're all hanging out?

MeLissa said...

Jeff- dresses and eye shadow. This is a classy hang out time on Monday.

Molly said...

MeLissa, I'm with Leslie, this is what I need too. Can we skype in on some of those girl time sessions?? Seriously. :)

gschof said...

you= brilliant. i'm glad i'll be there for the end of september ladies month. may i request something special for 'the schofield sisters hit nashville?'

i love, love, love the heck out of you.

NiTasha said...

all i can say is i'm excited to be around for the last half of this!!!! YAY!