Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Retraction & A Plan

Okay, so I have to print a retraction.
I was talking to my friend Mitch tonight and he told me that not only did my abstaining from boys not make sense, it only made him not want to ever hang out with me because it was mean.
So, fine. Retracted.

You hear that, Jeff Venable?!
It's done. In time for Monday when we have scheduled group hang-out time.
How dare you.

Now that THAT embarrassing episode is over, I do want to say that tonight we had our first Girls Night.
It was excellent for my heart.
We sat around and ate artichoke dip.
We laughed about being adopted.
We talked about the last time we watched the Lion King.
Then we ate cookies.
Really, I'm a lucky girl. 

It was pretty successful. Here are things we have planned:


I want to know everything there is to know about Kentucky. Lauren and Katie Beth promised to take us all on an exciting tour of their favorite places including some restaurant that makes bread in flower pots and their own strawberry jelly. 

If I play my cards right, I'll be on the Biggest Loser by January.


I've never been to Chicago but I've wanted to go since I read my first Mafia-related murder mystery. This probably won't happen to the Spring though, because I'm Mayan and I can't survive in temperatures below 20 degrees.

-Where do you want to visit this Fall?
The Schofield Sisters are traveling America this Fall and I can't wait to see the chronicles of their journey. They'll be in Nashville at the end of September in time for a special September Is For Ladies treat! 

-What places do you think of when you think Fall?
Maybe the Pumpkin House in West Virginia?
Maybe Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum in Pennsylvania?
Maybe Harvard?
Maybe the purple velvet chairs at Starbucks on 21st?
Love. Love. Love.


Molly said...

now, now, there's nothing wrong with taking a little time away from the male species in order to regroup. It's not mean.. it benefits them too. After this month of refreshment and reflection, perhaps you'll be a better friend (to boys) and a better potential boo. I'm just sayin.

MeLissa said...

You just threw the word "boo" in there.
How can anyone even argue with that?
They can't.

NiTasha said...

i think of pumpkin carving parties, the candles i'll be stocking up on from bath & body works - cinnamon stick and creamy nutmeg... and let's not forget yankee candles. pumpkin spice lattes at least once a day. when friends start making scarves...and it's nice to wear them. rosy cheeks. falling leaves made for piles and jumping. rainy mornings being enchanting rather than sad. bonfires. hayrides. pumpkin hunts through the woods. trick or treating in seth's parent's neighborhood. making crafts with kids. it's just this season of awesome that comes to a glorious end with thanksgiving! and thennnn the magic of christmas...but let's not get ahead of ourselves...