Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iRecommend: Matthew Perryman Jones

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Thanks to Grace (who is the provider of 99% of my music education), I am now a fan of this MPJ business. He's a member of the illustrious Ten out of TN 10 artists out of Tennessee, of whom I had a thorough education on after watching a documentary about one of their tours at Jeff Venable's house.

Let me get you started on an introduction if you weren't BFFE already.

This little gem was featured on One Tree Hill. Believe it. Good things can still come from the WB or whatever that channel is called these days.

"So help me decide.
Help me to make up, make up my mind.
Wouldn't save you, wouldn't save you,
wouldn't that save you?"

Then listen to this:

"I'm gonna love you, baby,
come rain or shine."

I mean, the preciousness is just undeniable if you ask me.
Dear Matthew Perryman Jones, I'm sorry I was late to the party, but I'm here now.
Need more MPJ? Understandable.
Find it here.


gschof said...

yessss. good. i love it. :o)

Jeff said...

Stop what you're doing and go buy his first album, Throwing Punches In the Dark. Then get in a car at nighttime, drive around and enjoy.

MeLissa said...

Jeff. Consider it done.