Sunday, September 12, 2010

Community In 2 Steps

I feel bad.
I haven't written lately because I've been happy.
Doesn't that sound ludicrous?
I even forgot about Tuesdays Are for Inspiration! 
I'll make sure to give you a double dose this week, no worries.

I don't mean that things have been perfect. 
Wednesday was a tough day.
It involved a pretty wretched film shoot.
It included it a pretty ridiculous explosion of emotion.
It ended with a silent drive home and a lot of thoughts involving cuss words.

I write a lot about community because I feel like it's a very big part of who we are as humans, even moreso if we think that there is Something bigger than us that made us and loves us.
It's not easy every day. These people are my family now and somedays we have meltdowns or panic attacks or crazy kids or crazy spouses and we have to be ready for it.

How do you get to that place with a group of people?

Here are 2 vital ingredients to get community going for you:

  1. You have to tell people stuff. Here's the thing- you don't trust strangers, so you don't tell them things. But to turn people from strangers to family, you have to tell them things. This involves risk. Get used to it. You have to tell them where you're from. You have to tell them your favorite things to do. You have to tell them what you're afraid of. You have to tell them about the things you love. You have to tell them about the things that have broken your heart.

    It will sometimes suck, but it's good for you and it's good for the people around you.

  2. You have to ask people questions about themselves. As much as people are absolutely enthralled to hear about how much you hate your job every time you see one another, every once in a while, let some part of your awareness for other humans allow you to set aside some time to ask them about themselves. Ask them questions about their families. Ask them to tell you stories about their grandparents (grandparents are always hilarious- my grandpa is a Civil War re-enactor). Ask them who their heroes are. Ask them about the things that have broken their heart.

    You will sometimes have other places you'd rather be doing other things you'd rather be doing, but it's good for you and it's good for the people around you.

    Just trust me. Try it.
    Give the people around you a chance to be your community.

    love Love LOVE-


    Emily said...

    Have I told you lately how amazing you are? You are right...and what you have written reminds me a lot of Fuge and how a bunch of random strangers become friends for life in a matter of 2's because we do share our hearts, family, and so much more with each other. Thank you for reminding me how special friendships are! Love you bunches!

    MeLissa said...

    Yeah Fuge is definitely an example of community building in a short amount of time. Do it, girl!