Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

One of my favorite bloggers/human-beings-I've-never-met-so-I-have-no-substantial-evidence-that-they're-not-psychopaths thus far is Jon Acuff. You can find the excellent spilling out of his mind at Stuff Christians Like. Thankfully, he's now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee which means the likelihood that I run into him and his family while one of his daughters is saying something hilarious, yet strangely reminiscent of a Kanye tweet, is all the greater.

On a serious note, he taught me to be a better twitterer. On a less serious note, a guy who sells merchandise with the words "Booty, God, Booty" on it HAS to be legit. Or quite the opposite.

Tuesday's inspiration comes from the many wisdoms he's shared since I've become aware of his existence.

David didn't show up to fight Goliath. He brought lunch.
Stop looking for the dramatic and be great at the little things.

I don't know the devil, but I have to assume that when he hears a Christian judgmentally proclaim, "That could never happen to me," he does what I do when I hear the Black Eyed Peas song, "Boom, Boom, Pow," and that is the robot. He absolutely loves when we say that.

You can't manufacture a movement.
You can only move.
If how you're moving matters, people will move with you. So, move.

Worldly success without love
is a loud way to live empty.
I want to live small, love big.

If you're not afraid to fail at what you're doing,
chances are you've talked yourself into something that is too easy.

What I'll say I'm listening to = Sigur Ros.
What I'm really listening to = Harry Potter
John Williams Score.

"Only thing I'm allergic to is death."
(Sometimes my 4 yr old talks like an 88yr old German poet from the 1820s)


NiTasha said...

this is awesome. i need to know this person. haha :)

NiTasha said...

ok so i just went to his blog and within the first 15 seconds, he's become my new favourite person. OH MY LORD.

MeLissa said...

Right?! Excellent balance between ridiculousness and solid Love LOVE.

And what an example of where consistency a little bit of pioneer attitude can take a person...