Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

With a suggestion from Erin, today's inspiration comes from the movies we love to love.

Today's inspiration is dedicated to the dreamers and the doers.
To the people who want to turn their living situation into a reality tv show.
To the people who use unconventional ways to bless others.
To the people who wake up and have no idea what the day holds.
To the people who help young upstarts launch a dream.
To the people who are young upstarts.
To the people who want to be singers and drummers and dancers and photographers and childrens book authors.

Your ideas are crazy.
But your ideas will change the way the world works.


NiTasha said...

thanks for making my day. just what i needed. :)

gschof said...

you just reminded me that i still want to be all those things. and that i can still do it.

you chose awesome today. and i'm so glad.

MeLissa said...

You two are inspiration enough!