Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Open Letter

One time Neil Hoppe was telling me about the pre-marital counseling he and Shannon had before their wedding. He said the pastor asked him to name something he'd been successful at. He wasn't going to allow Neil & Shannon to get married if neither one of them had every seen anything through to completion. This is marriage. If you couldn't finish anything or work through the difficulties of a situation, what makes you think your marriage will be a cakewalk that bends to your every need and demand?

That being said, I tried to answer the question.
Did I have any successful relationships- Friends? Family? Boys?
Honestly, not a whole lot. Disappointing, I know.
For as much as I talk about love, I am a systematic remover.
I can delete the existence of a person in my life faster than the CIA.
But I'm working on that, and we've already determined that community is messy.

People are usually pretty great at first.
But then they don't brush their teeth.
Or they do that tapping thing with their foot.
Or they say mean things when they're uncomfortable.
Or they have to have ALL the attention ALL the time.

Those are normally my cues to peace out. Good riddance.
But I'm changing that, so this is when the letter begins.

Dear entire planet-
I hope these truths to one day be self-evident.
When I do crazy things,
When I push the subject,
When I make us talk about it,
When I ask you about yourself,
When I pat your arm to affirm you,
When I tell you I'm coming to pick you up when you're drunk even if you don't want me to,
When I insist you be everywhere I am all the time,

Know that it's because I love you.
And because I hope you, my friend, will do the same for me if I ever need it.

 When I do crazy things.
When I tell you I just want to go home.
When I say I don't want to talk about it.
When I deflect your questions.
When I want to spend the entire day sitting in the dark watching the Lost series finale.
When I need you to listen to me rant,
When I tell you I just want to be alone.
I'd want someone to keep trying.
I'll keep trying.

Hope does not put us to shame.

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gschof said...

you are. the. very. best.