Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Biography By Erin McGown

Several weeks ago, I asked people to write my biography to be posted on
Every submission I got was phenomenal.
Today, Erin showed me her handiwork and I've assembled 6 drafts into this final piece of excellence.

MeLissa Gavarrette. If you made it through the name alone, then the hard part is over- call me. My parents of ambiguous origin had high hopes for this little cross-eyed bundle of joy. They wanted me to focus on my studies. Instead I focused on those 3-D image posters. Coming in at a staggering 5 feet tall gives me the gift of looking young and kindly drawing you in. I used to tell stories as a defense mechanism. Now I tell stories, film them and beg people to watch them.

She knows me too well. Especially that part about the 3-D image posters.

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