Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

This post is definitely a glimpse into my secrets.
I carry around this book I call my "Book of Inspiration".
One of my favorite humans, Scott McDaniel, once told me that it's not unusual for creative people to be avid collectors. Like Jonathan Safran Foer in Everything Is Illuminated, I'd call myself a collector, mostly of words.

In my Book of Inspiration I write down words I love- lyrics, scripture, prayers, lines from movies, quotes from famous people, quotes from non-famous people, tweets, declarative statements my friends make at me. Truthfully, most of these quotes come from people in my everyday life. They're geniuses.

I read this book when I need a reminder of brilliant things.
I've been thinking about posting some of these gems for a little while now and vacation is the best time to start. I also read a great post on one of my favorite blogs (check it out HERE)

For Those Who Want To Go...

God did not call you to live a mediocre life.
-Matt Lueckemeyer

This is how I choose to live: as if I'm jumping off a cliff,
knowing that you'll save me.
-Relient K

You don't waste time, you waste life.

Everyone ends up somewhere in life. 
Some people end up somewhere on purpose.
-Andy Stanley

If I stay in one place I lose my mind.
I'm a pretty impossible lady to be with.
-Kimya Dawson

I don't want to just survive.
I want to live!

He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing.
He does not shy away from the sword.
-Job 39:22

Be careful what you say to me.
I'll probably write it down.
love Love LOVE, MeLissa

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