Sunday, July 11, 2010

Overcome The World

I have said these things to you, 
that in me you may have peace. 
In the world you will have tribulation. 
But take heart; I have overcome the world.
-John 16:33 

Here is Christ sitting down to his last dinner with his closest friends. They're not talking about LeBron going to Miami or the Lost series finale. Those are the only two things I ever talk about, amen? He's talking about leaving them. He's talking about going away. He's talking about sorrow. But He also talks about why it has to happen and let's them know about the joy on the horizon. "Hang on, folks! One day, it's all going to make sense and it'll be so good. Trust me," He's saying. Don't forget, the human side of Him is dealing with the awareness that all of these closest friends are going to abandon Him when they're needed most. He also knows He won't be alone. What a superhero.

But think about the disciples! The guys at the table had no clue just how much their lives were going to change. I mean, they'd already give up everything, right? They'd been living this life for the past three years and it's all about to get "cray-cray", as K-CI and Jojo would say. But they didn't know that.

Rough night! But let's pause there.

I mean, how classy is this Guy? In every circumstance, He takes the opportunity to show us He understands in a way that is heavenly as well as human. His disciples had big things to do and He wanted them to know that it was going to be tough, but it was going to be okay.

I have friends that feel like God doesn't hear them.
I have friends who can't figure out what He's trying to do with them.
I have friends who are running forward whole-heartedly no matter what.

I know my friends are capable of big things and so I'm not entirely surprised when I hear about the tough things happening in their lives- doubt, fear, anxiety. I just think it's amazing that His word, his secret message in a bottle direct to you, was something he planned out so long ago. He knew you'd feel like this. He wanted to give you every means to be ready. That's amazing. That being said, whether it be through scripture, or the wisdom of a friend, take time to look at the bigger picture of where you are. This week I've been reminded over and over again that the world will seek to turn good things like freedom, faith, and hope into a punishment. There will likely be days when you feel like your blessings are prison sentences. That hurts my heart.

Cue total inspiration courtesy of Seth Worley, who said:
"...the world can sense when we've come home with something that makes us great. And so it presents us every reason not to be. It actually shoves these reasons in our faces, and usually in the right light where no one else can see them but us. Don't take this crap. You've got two capital letter in your first name. The world works for you."
That's money.

So, moral of the story- it might look really bad. It might be really bad, but it's still okay. Understand what it means for the battle to already have been won. Bam. And you might not feel like He hears you, but how mind-blowing is it to realize that He heard you before you said a word? Double bam. I gotta go rest the ol' mind pastries.

Be encouraged. As Mike Glenn would say, "hear it, believe it and live."

And, on that note, I can't be the only person who is absolutely obsessed with baby animals:
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LeBron James said...

It's funny...I literally read that chapter in John about a week ago and was so comforted by it and ready to take on anything. Cut to me two days ago panicking about how I can possibly deal with a couple issues in my life, whining over a frosty at Wendys. It's funny how quickly we forget.

PS. Two capital letters in your first name is the best isn't it?!

MeLissa said...

LeBron- you're not alone. See, I found myself in the same position the other night, crying and whining about what I didn't have just a week after such a big milestone. As temporary as we are, we forget so quickly. I luckily have a group of people who remind me daily that I need to shut up and keep walking. I'm lucky to have them.

Also, if there's anyone I'd expect to understand about first letters, it's you! It's good to be king, am I right?