Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The other day, O Brother, Where Art Thou? was playing in the Social Cinema room at my favorite YMCA. I remembered how much I LOVE that movie.
It's also the only time I like George Clooney.
I feel like he is Everett in real life.

Anyway, I think the movie is beautiful to look at.
It also reminds me of how much I love the South. I'm pretty sure I could live in the middle of a field in Alabama happily ever after.

I'll just have 6 kids and they'll all be dirty and we'll have 150 wild cats hanging around and we'll swim in lakes that don't have alligators.

I love the South.

Also, I'd love to have this pig.


Brie said...

That picture of the boy and the girl is definitely from my favorite fashion spread of all time. And I think it's from a real dumb magazine too, like Seventeen or maybe Teen Vogue.

MeLissa said...

I just thought it was too cute. Way to go Seventeen magazine. You got ONE good one!