Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hero. (Episode 2)

This might be my most favorite Switchfoot song. Maybe because I'm 24?
Maybe just 'cause it's awesome.

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Another hero of mine? Jon Foreman.
Again, he's super talented, super grounded and I want to be just like him.
A videographer we work with was out on the road with Switchfoot for a while.
He said Jon's brain was constantly swirling with thoughts about any number of things and he'd write at least a song a day. The next day, half the time, he couldn't even remember it.
Our friend said he could make a top-selling album just with the music Jon Foreman forgets.

I used to think that great art happened without argument,
and maybe that's not the case.
Maybe the things that are most important in this life,
you have to fight for.
-Jon Foreman

Every day of your life, you change the world.
Absolutely, yes, we're out to change the world.
I mean, you change it whether you like it or not.
You wake up and you talk to the grocer.
You either kick your dog or you pet him.
There's a million decisions you have every day 
where you change the world.
-Jon Foreman

My friends, 
there is a big difference between 
the way this world should be and the way it is.
-Jon Foreman

His lyrics are just filled with great wisdom:

"You're raising the dead in me" - Twenty-four

"The tension is here.
Between who you are and who you could be,
Between how it is and how it should be.
" - Dare You to Move

"Don't close your eyes.
This is your life are you who you want to be." - This Is Your Life

"I'm holding on to you.
My world is wrong.
My world is a lie that's come true.
And, I fall in love with the ones that run me through
when all along all I need is you.
" - Sing It Out

I mean, these aren't Seminary Masters' degree complexity, folks.
They stick with you because they're honest and true.
This is your life. Are you who you want to be?

I'm genuinely going to invite you to think about that. 
Take a minute.

The thing I love about Jon Foreman is his ability to live humbly and love big even though he's a rock star. He's an amazing musician and artist but he also knows about connecting with people and what they need. 

He is a simple man in a complex world.
I want to be just like him.


Zombie Fighter said...

24 is one of the best songs Switchfoot ever did. I agree completely, "The Beautiful Letdown" was one of several albums that got me through high school.

MeLissa said...

That's awesome! I've been experiencing a Switchfoot revival this week. Currently listening to: "On Fire". SO good.