Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm officially addicted to this song.
My dear friend Lydia loves airplanes, maybe because she was an airplane pilot in an alternate reality.
She's right- airplanes and the sky are always great to look at.
And I could definitely use a wish right now.


Allison Drew said...

I too am slightly obsessed with this song!

Scott and Lyndsay Crews said...

fun fact: a guy from my high school just filled in on bass for B.O.B. on a tour he did of Europe a couple weeks ago. It was pretty cool to see the facebook statuses and videos.

MeLissa said...

A1. Allison, I think I would go on a date with B.O.B.

B2. Scott, you always know the coolest people.

lydia. said...

i love love love this blog post! seriously!