Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventure Right Now.

One time I was talking to one of my top favorite humans (Seth Worley) about Adventure Now, the series he created for Lifeway's Fuge camps. Not only are they starring some supremely hilarious individuals, they strike a chord with the adventurer in me. Staffers from '07 on will still say things like "Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone needs adventure" or "adventure is rarely about ourselves."

Now, as another friend reminded me, Seth invented all these phrases. Nowhere in the Bible or the Constitution or Real Simple Magazine does it say we have a human need for adventure.

But I know I do.

He said "at the end of the day, they're just videos..."

Can I tell you that if you ask God for an adventure, if you challenge Him to do the things He's promised, get ready. I'm writing from Denver, Colorado and when I finally get around to describing the past three days, it'll be in the form of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Know that it involved these things:

Night Driving

Being attacked by lethal bugs

Near death tire explosions

A town entirely out of electricity.

A hotel without warm water.


So Seth, yes.They're just videos. But let me also affirm you and say that sometimes life imitates art.

And if Tyler's diembodied head shows up on this trip, it'll be creepy, but not entirely a surprise.

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Girl Next Door said...

Only it'll be my disembodied head and not Tyler's. :) So glad you're having a taste of adventure, and by a taste I mean a Big Gulp. Praying for you!