Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I've Learned

Things I've learned between the ages of 21 & 24:
  1. "Beneath the Medicine Tree" is still the best Copeland album.

  2. There's the hard way and then there's the harder way. Get it out of your head that there's an easy way. Don't wait for things to just happen to you, because the things you're really going to be proud of are things you're going to have to work for- graduating college, having healthy relationships, doing a good job at work, being a pro BMX rider.

    Don't be discouraged when things don't happen magically and instantly. Grace received some great advice from a stranger. He said "the process is priceless". A true adventurer knows that the story isn't just about arriving at the destination, it's about fighting your way through an army of zombies, surviving a lava river and climbing a mountain while being chased by a Yeti to get there.

  3. Everyone needs a Sabbath. God took one. Why would we think we didn't need one? Never sleeping sounds so glamorous but it can put a serious strain on your creativity, your efficiency, even how crazy you are (and I know, I'm pretty crazy). Know that it's okay to take a break. Actually, it's encouraged that you take a break. The world will keep spinning, your friends will not pass away if you decide to slow down for one night. Watch a movie with your mom. Clean your room. It's good for you.

  4. You'll get over it. This might be the biggest thing I've learned/am still learning. When I was 21, I was dating a boy I planned on marrying. I was playing weekly in a worship band. All my best friends lived in Lake City, Florida. I worked at Disney World. None of these things are true anymore.

    If it's not obvious by the fact that I'm not married, then know that I obviously did not get married to said boyfriend. It was a hot mess of complication at the time, but you get over it. Interestingly enough, God uses all things for the good of those who love Him, and at the age of 24, I know that get married to that person at that time would've been completely wrong. Was I sad at the time? Terribly. Did I regret my decision? More often than I'm proud of. However, you get over it. Maybe that seem insensitive considering there are plenty of details to every story, but you do. We have no control over time or progress. Those are things that speed along without us, so stay stuck or move on.

  5. The Reese's Egg is the best Hershey's product. Better than the cup. Better than the tree. The egg. No competition.

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gschof said...

reese's eggs.

you're the best.

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