Sunday, April 25, 2010

For The Record

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We're deviating from our regularly scheduled blogging for this quick side trip:
I just want to be clear, these past few blogs have been about love, not about being in love.
But today I was at lunch with friends and were discussing my (least) favorite subject (aside from the top five things I REALLY hate discussing): our dating histories.

I shared that I wanted a love story like my friends Seth & Arley.

Cut to: Me telling you about Arley & Seth falling in love.

I'm sure there was a lot that went in to their love because of growing up together, but we'll fast forward to the night Arley was on a double date with a guy she didn't know. Seth, her friend, lived in Texas where he was attending Baylor. Here is Arley, on this date and the end of the night arrives. She's in the car sitting next to her date, having spent a nice evening out with friends, when she calls Seth. "I know you're the one." (truth be told- it's Arley so I'm sure there was a lot of crying and yelling and dramatics. That's her style and it's better when she tells it. This is the edited-for-TV version.)

She just knew.

My friend said "It doesn't happen like that for everyone."
And I didn't say anything back, but the rest of the afternoon I've felt so kerbobbled.

"Why? It really might not happen like that for everyone."

I think I've been kerbobbled because I wish I'd told them that I hope with my whole heart that it happens like that for me.

I have a Hanson VHS in my media collection.
I can't handle armpits or velcro or licking envelopes.
My favorite movies list includes "50 First Dates" and "The 13th Warrior".
I can't use porto-potties.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
These are things you can't just spring on a person.

The man I'm going to marry is going to have to be the spiritual leader.
He's going to have to be my teammate.
He'll probably hear the story about getting a lollipop stick stuck in the roof of my mouth as a kid... 1000 times.
He's going to have to cut me off at one Reese's egg.
He's going to have know what to do if I have a panic attack in Target.
He's my best friend, so hopefully he'll know what to do.

I've honestly tried to stay away from discussing love love, but in this particular season of studying and learning, the subject of marriage is inevitable, I guess.
So, we'll keep this short:

I'm believing that the God who knows the number of hairs on my head knows what I need.
(Luke 12:4-7)
A job.
All things.

So, dear lunch friends, you probably forgot this part of the conversation as soon as we had it, but I had to address it for my own sanity.
I guess it won't happen like this for everyone.
Not everyone marries their high school sweetheart.
Some people will meet on eHarmony (Yeah!)
Some people will date for 14 years and finally decide to take the next step.
And some people will go in to it just knowing.
It'll happen differently for everyone but I hope it'll be that way for me,
because I don't care the least anymore,
because marriage should be a majorly important decision,
because I want it to be obvious that God has a purpose for us being together,
because I'm a rare breed,
because that's just the kind of girl I am.

I want to hear your love stories!


Bill Paxton said...

For the record...

I just want to clarify, when I said "it doesn't happen like that for everyone," I mainly meant the part about being best friends with a person for a long time and then realizing that they are the one.

But I totally agree that you should just know that a certain person is the one...or else what's the point/

MeLissa said...

Dear Bill Paxton-

Thanks for taking time away from your busy film schedule to read this.

I genuinely hope you know that this was written less (i.e.- like, if I had to give a percentage, I'd say 3 percent) about what you said and more (about 97 percent?) about what I didn't say.

Also, remember how you were in the hit classic "Mighty Joe Young"? Me too.