Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been an interesting two days. This is how it all started:

1. I read THIS by Jon Acuff. First, it needs to be stated that I'm a big fan of his writing because, not only is it comedic, it's honest and genuinely good. This post in particular talked about the ways good pastors "tend to snow globe shake your comfortable little world with God’s truth." Then...

2. Sunday morning at church, we watched a video about a team from Brentwood Baptist who went here:

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The mission team worked with orphanages in Haiti and I thought about how the number of children in that country who no longer had anyone to care for them skyrocketed in an instant. I thought about all the kids who longer have families, let alone basic amenities. This reminded me of this...

3. I remembered reading Twitter updates as worship leader Aaron Ivey got the word that the child he was adopting from Haiti was on his way to the United States. I remembered checking back all night and reading about miracle after miracle that allowed Aaron and his wife to make it to Orlando to welcome their new son Amos.

The act of adoption is such an imitation of our Creator- to pick something that can give you nothing so that you can give it everything. To pluck this one out of everyone on the entire planet and change everything. Everything. Whoa- I need a second.

Later that evening, I watched this...


This is a preview for a documentary called Which Way Home by Rebecca Cammisa, which was nominated for an Oscar last night. It is about ridiculously young children who are traveling across Central America and Mexico with hopes of smuggling themselves in to the United States to reunite with their families who have gone on ahead in hopes of making lives for their children. Of four featured children, three are Honduran.

Just like me.

The oldest is 14. The youngest are 9. Traveling across Central America. Alone.
And I was busy trying to win a pot of money with my Oscar predictions in a house full of people who are so precious to me when BAM! I watch this 5 second clip of children crying and recounting how they haven't seen their mom in three years. I can't handle babies crying, and I'm not talking about annoying baby crying. I mean that it breaks my heart like nothing I can describe to hear children be so utterly broken. I don't think that's supposed to be something children feel at such a young age- hopelessness. I want to scoop them all up and put them in warm beds and let them sleep safely. Again, I think the act of parenting is just another way we get to feel a glimpse of what God feels for us. It's brilliant, really.

Anyway, I was thinking long and hard about all this when Erin shared this with me...

5. She's been reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I'm a big fan of Francis' teaching because I think he's one of those snow globe pastors. She was telling me about how she read that he and his wife prayed and decided to give all of the proceeds from the book to an organization that fights human trafficking. He had a meeting with someone about the subject and Erin told me about how he was strangely torn up, spending much of the evening crying over the people out there suffering right now because of trafficking. He imagined his own daughters and the extents he would go to to set things right. She went on to tell me how disheartened he felt when people encouraged him, with a genuine spirit of kindness, not to feel like he had to take on another cause. It broke his heart even more to think of disregarding such a terrible crime like it was a TV show that didn't fit into your schedule. It broke Erin's heart, too.

All this to say- I don't know what all this means.
Right now I just feel the weight of the world.
But, I think it's an important reminder:

Don't get too comfortable where you are.
Don't forget that you're put here for something bigger.

Don't forget that you have things to do.

Becoming more like Jesus is going to mean that I have to sacrifice and give and love and live differently. I want to be that kind of person- the kind that adopts 16 kids because they can provide for one more, or moves their family to Mali because they can't ignore a crazy call on their lives, or gives money 'til it hurts because I have the resources to send others.
I want to be so stirred to do the ridiculous.

So there. Like I said, it's been an interesting two days.

"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." - James 1:22 ESV

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