Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update Time

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I haven't been a great blogger recently, mostly because I read Neil Hoppe's blogs and decide that since I don't have anything necessarily profound to say, I'll save you guys the 3.5 minutes of time spent reading randomness or looking at pictures of colored tights I'd like to own.

I've gone so long, it's about time for one of these:

Current addictions: As soon as April arrives, I'm going to have to be at the beach. I have to.

Current cravings: Mangoes

Current favorite TV show: I really only watch Lost. And 16 & Pregnant. And My Life As Liz. Other than that, I let Lydia watch everything I could potentially want to watch and she fills me in on the Cliff Notes version, or fast forwards to the good parts. Oh, I also watch reruns of the George Lopez Show. Judge away. I'm ready for it.

Current soundtrack: I thinking I'm finally rounding out my Jay-Z phase. Right now I listen to a lot of Ben Rector.

Current project: I'm repurposing this awesome cabinet and I'm on coat number 4 of purple paint. Only about 57 more coats and this joker's going to be the new centerpiece of our living room.

Current update on New Years resolutions: Screenplay? 1/3 of the way through. Postcards? Super fun! I have some more that need to go out. I found some excellent postcards at a truckstop in North Carolina and now, no postcards I've found since have measured up to their excellence. I should've bought enough for the whole year at one time. Rock climbing? I've committed to make an appointment for autobelay lessons in the next two weeks in Cool Springs. That's step one. Step two? Everest.

Current excitement: Third time's the charm! This weekend, I'll be traveling to Springfield, IL (one lady short) with some excellent gals to visit the Red Velvet Art store! Prepare to hear about how I have to declare bankruptcy after going and buying everything.

Also, I'm pretty STOKED about making Cuban food next week for #lostcommunitygroup and to stand in as Sous chef. I'm actually intimidated by food, so any exposure to quantity food prep is good for me.

I knew 2010 was going to be a big year. I'm finding out that 24 is going to be a big life year for me personally. Here recently, I've had a big opportunity to address weaknesses, embrace strengths, develop talents, recognize unhealthy strongholds, put aside regrets, laugh at my ridiculousness and make some decisions about the kind of life I want to have.

I hate telling people that I'm writing a screen play because then they say "oh, so you wanna be a screenwriter?"
No. Right now I'm writing a screenplay.

If you say you're writing music, people say "oh, so you wanna be in a band?"
Nope. Right now I'm just writing music.

I guess they're natural questions. Just know that what I wanna be is something that doesn't exist yet. It's kind of like a "doctor ballerina". I want to be a lot of things and right now I'm letting myself be everything.

Today I was a babysitter. I was a camera operator. I was counselor.
Tomorrow I'll be an advancing manager. I'll be a housekeeper. I'll be private investigator.
And Tuesday? Well, we all know anything can happen on Tuesdays.

SO as I sit here and watch Johnny Depp lick a rock in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 for the 13454 millionth time ever (some things will never change for me, I suppose), I commit to just that- continuing to live a life unlimited.


gschof said...

things i love in this post:
ben rector. doctor ballerina. being whatever you want to be. redvelvetart (even if i can't go) cuban food.

i heart you.

オテモヤン said...
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