Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear John

Dear friends, family and especially strangers:

One of my resolutions is to be better connected.
How am I going to accomplish this?
Through the fantastic story of sending at least three postcards a month.

Here's what I need you to do:
Whether you live in Alaska, or Canada, or Guam
Or if you live in Nashville too
Or the same house as I do
Or if you think I already have your address
Or I don't know you at all

I need you to send your name and address here:
I want to mail you a postcard.
Isn't it wonderful to get mail?
But we've never spoken, she'll think I'm weird.
No I won't!
I'm going to send you a postcard because I want to know you and
our first conversation will be step number one.
If I see you every Wednesday and watch Lost,
still send me your address.

Also, I watched "The Lovely Bones" tonight.
I am thoroughly afraid of being abducted.
Thanks for nothing Alice Sebold.
Love thoroughly, MeLissa

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Okay, so I just found you on twitter (i don't even know how- have you ever clicked from one person to the next?) But facts:

1) I think you are laugh out loud, slap the knee funny. Really.

2) My best friend & I went to see The Lovely Bones and it was literally THE scariest movie I have ever seen. This is because I purposefully do not watch scary movies because I cannot handle them. I hid my eyes behind a oackage of chocolate covered peanuts for 3/4 of the movie.

3) I want a postcard! I love snail mail, so I might even write you back if you put your address on it! That would be a weird thing to write if you hadn't already mentioned it wouldn't be, so I'm taking you at your word. :)

I live in Guam so I could care less who has my address:

Michelle Dierker
PO Box 2148
Hagatna, Guam 96932

Alright...I'm done. I think.
-M. :)