Thursday, December 31, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Today I was packing up our ornaments, and America, I was a little teary-eyed.
This was one of my favorite Christmases ever.


Our tree was covered with hand painted ornaments, and I'm not talking expensive Pottery Barn hand-painted ornaments. These are ornaments with Velociraptors and narwhals and abstract art and oranges. Some are beautiful and some are...almost as beautiful (mostly the weird ones I made). There are old Christmas cards with crocheted edge that Lydia made, and whatever candy canes survived the purge of Trey and Ivey at my house for Christmas.

My house looked like a bomb site because it was filled with every member of my immediate family. Our cabinets were filled with things families need that Lydia, Erin or I never use, like large pots or powdered sugar or butter.

Erin and I got to be a part of a stop on Grace & Emily's Magical Southern Christmas Tour this year and that meant we got to have a little Christmas get-together with folks from far away. Even Luke Johnson joined us as we had late-night photo shoots in the abandoned streets of Birmingham and broke in to a science museum. It was a day that had every potential to be the worst when our friend Paul abandoned us, had this not been a group of highly creative folks.

So, today, when I was packing up ornaments and throwing away snapped candy canes, I thought "should I just throw these away?" Am I going to want ornaments with platypuses on them, or the letter "L"? Who knows where I'll be next year, or who will live in my house with me. And then I thought about December 2010, opening up boxes of ornaments like cat pictures with a ring of glitter around it that Arley made for us. I'll find ornaments for Lydia and Erin and myself. I'll remember that they were beautifully crafted by Arley, John Robert, Lauren and Jaime. I'll remember the art club that had our highest attendance to date.

I'll remember Erin being in a bad mood that was changed when we went to pick out our first Christmas tree. I'll remember Lydia bringing out all her decorations and Justin bringing over his angel to put on top of the tree to make everything official.

As I said, a good Christmas.
I wouldn't mind having one like this every year.


arleyworley said...

next year... you are going to live in nashville still. because, if you don't... i will come pick you up and bring you back.

MeLissa said...

That's the best news I've ever heard. Really.