Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear 2009

Dear 2009-

I'm not used to saying this, but you were pretty great.

You were the year:
I visited every state in New England.
I wrote my first real screen play.
I watched Adventure Now live, in living color.
My family came to Nashville for Christmas.
My birthday was phenomenal due to some wild things and the best terry cloth wolf costumes I've seen this side of the Mississippi.
I got a phenomenal home and filled it with wonderful trinkets.
I learned to crochet.
I lived somewhere other than Florida for a whole year.
My friends and I started an Art Club and created masterpieces.
I watched every episode of Lost and fell in love with a family of folks.

You were also the year I realized a lot of ugly things about myself that I'm still trying to work on. But that's the hard part of growing, I imagine- learning the places where you fall short. Lame, but worth it.

So, as far as years go, you were a pretty great one. You were a year for new beginnings and I feel like I'll look back on you in the future and think "I should've known then...". I just have a feeling that I haven't realized your true potential yet. I don't live under a bridge, I don't work at the mall and I'm still alive. What more could I ask for?

Good work, old friend.
Love, MeLissa

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