Thursday, December 24, 2009


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I'm a big fan of the holidays. Surely.
I'm also a big fan of hearing about family traditions.

Leslie and her family like to sing and dance and act a fool all over her house.
I read about people who always get PJs on Christmas, or sleep in the same bed with their sister on Christmas eve. That is precious to me.

Here's what we do:
  • Everyone sleeps at the same house.
  • When I was little, I always wanted to sleep with my aunt Charity.
  • We weren't allowed to get out of bed before the clock said 7:00 AM.
  • My brother Austin and cousin Lacey used to make "reindeer food" out of glitter and oatmeal to sprinkle on the driveway.
  • We never put all the presents out before bedtime. I think whether or not Santa always comes to our house, I'll still do that. It's fun going to sleep and then waking up to BAM! Present explosion.
  • We always have something Peanuts related, because my Nanny was a big fan of Charlie Brown and the gang. This year, I wrapped my mom and aunts' presents in Peanuts wrapping paper.
  • On that note, my Nanny always used to put tangerines and walnuts in our stockings because that's what she got as a little girl growing up in Georgia.
  • Don't you know that Santa's presents were always wrapped in different paper? Something with pictures of him on it!
Tell me about your family's traditions.
And wherever you are, I pray that you're glad, that you're with the people you love the most and that you're grateful for this life of yours.
Love, MeLissa


Scotty McTaube said...

My family used to always celebrate early since we traveled on Christmas day so me and my brother put luminares in the driveway so Santa could find our house. We'd also put out a bunch of whole carrots (green and all) on the porch for the reindeer. In the morning we would find the carrots chewed down to stumps- teeth marks and all!
Hope you come up with some brand new traditions to share now that you're all growed up!
Merry Christmas!
-Scott T.

MeLissa said...

Carrots! You're parents really loved you, considering they consumed entire raw carrots on Christmas eve.

Allison Drew said...

-Aw, I remember Nanny. She was the sweetest.
-We get thoe good oranges in our stocking.
-Ted gets some sort of life savor book thing every year. I don't know why.

leslie said...

On Christmas Eve, the family all comes in and stuffs face on a ridiculous amount of snacks that are brought to the party. After that, we exchange gag gifts, which is quite a ridiculous spectacle. This year's hot gift was a pair of bull horns, with which a rockin' game of Props was played.

A constant rotation of Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and White Christmas is always on loop.

We all sleep at the same house too, which proves to be very interesting with (now) five children under the age of three running around...

Christmas morning is a festival in itself with the ONE requirement being, you have to stay in your changing...everyone looking rough. It's quite special.

Some things are changing a bit as I get older, however...there was definitely more dancing and "acting of the fools" this year...

MeLissa said...

...These are the best...I love you guys.

gschof said...

we listen to john denver & the muppets christmas album while we decorate our tree. we make fun of the ornaments our crazy aunt has made us over the years and tell the stories of each ornament as we put them on the tree.

and then we watch emmet otter's jugband christmas, which almost no one has heard of (but jim henson rules our christmas, for sure) and rudolph (the one with the land of misfit toys)

my sister and i always and forever sleep in the same bed on christmas eve. and in the morning adam wakes us up (thankfully after 9 now that we're all older)

our dad never lets us downstairs until he has a fire in the fireplace, john denver back on the record player and coffee in his cup.

we for sure stay in our pj's all morning. mom always gives us new toothbrushes, chapstick and a chocolate marshmallow santa in our stocking. and then dad makes his dad's famous breakfast.

it's a pretty good day :o)