Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Things I'm thankful for:
  1. A job - one that I like. One that means something. It also has people that I like to work with.

  2. Great brithday surprises and even greater birthday surprisers.

  3. Tuni Barner status updates. (And the roommates who make sure I see them.)

  4. Justin, our one-man camera crew.

  5. A precious home that is regularly filled with excellent folks and walls covered in their artwork.

  6. Roman & Ripley- you keep me safe from burglars, you give me plenty of conversation starters and something other than myself to care about. And you eat anything I happen to drop on the floor.

  7. Jay Z. Thanks for letting me know that since I made it here, I can make it anywhere, people love me everywhere.

  8. Thank you Ugly Mugs, for providing a home away from work. And remembering my order.

  9. Thanks, mom and dad, for letting me have your dining room table even when you didn't have anything to replace it with. It's been the site of many an art club, pancake party, craft all-nighter, heart-to-heart convos, and sing-a-longs.

  10. Opportunity - this year I've had the chance to work with some crazy folks from Nashville to Grundy, VA to Frostown, MD. I'm mad grateful for the people who give me the chance to be a part of the great work they're doing. It's led me to spend countless hours at Tent City in Nashville or quality time with the beautiful Nashville walking bridge at night. I got to make videos in Justin Wylie's garage for my most favorite camp. I got to fake break my nose.

  11. I'm thankful for people who send my Nickelback lyrics in text messages or play Justin Bieber on repeat. You understand my love to hate things.

  12. Thank you, Seth Worley, for trusting me with your very expensive camera. And all the stars in the universe. That last line was the most epic thing I could think of, and trust me, I went through a few drafts.

  13. Men - I guess I should be looking for women in my life to show me how to be a Godly woman. Interestingly enough, I am surrounded by a lot of male mentors who teach me how to be a better leader, follower, entrepreneur, creator, lady. So, while there are zero/few guys my age who seem to have a clue, I'm grateful to the spiritual giants in my life who take personal interest in sharing their own struggles and growth. Their investment in me is tremendous.

  14. The creators of Glee - Thanks. On so many levels.

  15. This year has been such a creative year. I'm super thankful for all the people in my life who foster that, and all the newly discovered resources that just feed my ADD. Grace, I'm so proud that you found your voice. I'm inspired to find my own.

  16. The chance to drive from Maine to Tennessee and everywhere in between. Dear Maine and New York, I'm coming back asap.

  17. College Humor. Somewhere, an accountability report just went haywire just from me typing those words. It's safe to say I'm obsessed. The folks who work there are out of control on the talent level. Yes, their website has areas dedicated exclusively to attractive people with or without clothing. Yes, they occasionally use the F word like it's any old word. But in 9 years, it went from a company started by three beer-pong-playing creeper boys to a massive staff on Park Ave S. Do you know what they get to do? Write, direct and star in their own videos about whatever they want. And they have robots and bean bag chairs to take naps in. Dang. I want to be just like them. No. I want to be better than them. Thanks College Humor, for setting the bar so high.

  18. I'm thankful for people who change the wallpaper on my iPhone to things like a picture of Tyler Torti or Jacob's nose or worms. When I think of all the beautiful pictures I could have as my wallpaper, they all fall drastically short.

  19. #LostCommunityGroup - This is normally how I see it written, on Twitter. These guys are my favorite people I never knew I loved. In a short time, this group has become the folks that I look forward to seeing every Wednesday night, eating with, laughing with, griping with, and missing Charlie with. I'm going to be so bold as to say I love them.


    I love them. They also happen to be some of the most freakishly talented people I've ever met. Every single one of them, down to Asher and Piper Hoppe. (Frankly, they might be the most talented two people of the whole group.) The fact that they continue to let me come over every week is only a testament to their poor judge of my character, but I'll take it. I might be just as sad that Lost only has one more season to go because imagining life without Wednesday night community group is too much for my little heart to bear.

  20. Thank you to a Maker that is bigger than this whole mess. Thanks for always wanting the best, never being a disappointment, always keeping a promise, and being the best surprise ending writer I've ever known. You turn my mourning in to dancing and there are no words for Your love. I guess that's why You stop at "I Am".
I hope, wherever you are, you're eating macaroni and cheese and loving the people you're with.
See you soon,

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gschof said...

this blog is just one of the many reasons i love, love you.