Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of Highways and Video Cameras

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Here's the thing:
As a result of A1. a challenging message Sunday morning and B2. a Sunday school class session that almost made me run from the room, I have been on quite the journey in a short two days.
I decided that if I've been putting Him in a box, I'd like to fully remove Him from said box and let Him do what He needs to do.

I told God I needed to see miracles this week because I'm tired of always expecting the worst, and having the worst come through.

It's actually been amazing.

What I've learned about miracles:
  1. More miracles happen in a day than one might realize.
  2. There is so much more to miracles than what I previously realized.
Miracles shouldn't be limited to uber craziness like bringing people back to the dead. That IS exceptionally miraculous, without a doubt. However, let's not forget that miracles are a way of God showing you that things happen because He makes/lets them.

Perfect timing? That's a miracle.
Blocked traffic that made me an hour late for work?
I was originally annoyed, but then a miracle happened.
Your hero surprising you with great news? Miracle.
How about realizing that a series of events conspired together so perfectly, so long ago? Miracle.

Take Erin and I, for example.
We are from polar opposite ends of the country.
The summer we worked together, she was originally going to be on another staff and I didn't even have an application in to work camp.
When I asked her to move to Nashville, what right-minded person, would've agreed?!
Neither of us had jobs moving here and had ones within two weeks.
Now we have an internet television show.

And the people that pour into us - I mean unselfishly pour in to us - that is a miracle.
The people who agree to help us with our ridiculous ideas? Miracle.
The people who showed us how to build our website,
how to be funnier,
how to not suck so much,
how to be more professional,
how to have a plan,
who help us by being an extra set of arms,
who help us by being our cameraman,
We owe you a million dollars.

So there you go. Ask God to do His best, and the guy who made pillars of fire and bread buffets pour from the sky will take the opportunity to show you that it's all under control. Amen.


gschof said...

i'm glad you're posting again.

i've missed your wisdom.

this is a good day. and a good word.

you have a style that no one cant replicate or take away. that is a GREAT day. :o)

leslie said...

why must you always smack me in the face with goodness?

i think we are the same person right now...only 3.5 hours away from each other...except for that whole, "you're so stinking hilarious and i'm not" part...