Sunday, November 8, 2009

A New Way To Be Human

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Look guys, I'm just trying to figure out what kind of human I want to be.

I'm thoroughly excited by this time in my life.
I'm freakin' surrounded by ridiculously talented people.
All of them are fighting with all their might to do something beautiful,

something unique,
something that means something,
something that will change everything.


And this week I asked God to show me miracles.
I prayed and lived like I believed he was going to do it.
I let myself hope for the ridiculous.
And He didn't disappoint.

In asking God to work his best, I got to see that part of the problem with telling people about what the Lord is doing in your life is we have nothing to tell.
We don't rely on Him to provide anything.
We don't ask Him to do anything on our behalf.
We don't look to Him for answers or to come through in the final hour.
We do it all on our own.

But this week I've had no choice but to tell people about the miracles of I've seen because there wasn't anything more amazing or relevant I could imagine talking about. I decided officially that I want to follow in the family business and be a creator, too.

Right now the possibilities are endless, and even more, I'm sure that wherever or whatever I'm supposed to be, the way is already been made possible. Maybe I'll live in tenement housing on the south side of New York City with 4130248 roommates but it'll be wonderful. That is what I would do if given the choice right this moment, but that could also be because I'm currently listening to "Empire State of Mind". Also, being friends with Jay-Z would do wonders for my street cred.

So what kind of human am I? On a good day, I'm an adventurer.
Today is one of those days, thank goodness.

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