Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Different Kind of Story

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So, everyone is talking about story right now.
Living a good story.
Make a good story.
And what have I been doing?
Looking at an excessive amount of wedding photo blogs.
Lots of pictures of brides and grooms and their happy day.

If you're about good photos, you should check out:

Here's the thing, the best thing a boy can give a girl is a good story.
Maybe you were high school sweethearts.
Maybe you lived years and years on completely opposite sides of the country.
Maybe you knew all the same people but never met.
Maybe you were at your first birthdays together.

All the same, let your story for her be one where you pursued her, one where you were ridiculous. Let it be one where she wasn't confused about whether or not you thought she hung the moon. Let it be one where you were brave and put yourself out there, because you are the one she's waiting on -- hopefully.

Just some mild encouragement from females in general. Consider this one on the house, gentlemen. Here's hoping your story is pretty unbelievable today.


gschof said...

a#1 i LOVE lemon-lime, it's so good.

b#2 all of this is truth.

good thing the male species has you to inform them. thanks, on behalf of all girls.

Anonymous said...

every male should read this and take note. every. single. one.