Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Mom & Dad

I am realizing that you are not the ordinary parents.
You were okay when I signed up to bring the class rabbit and it's new babies home.
You held me off since the age of 8 when I started asking for a tattoo every year for my birthday.
You had cotton candy machines at my birthday party.
You hung in there when, at 16, I took a Greyhound bus on the 4th of July with all my worldly possessions home from Illinois.
You let me go to New York with my friends when I was 18.
You let me move to Nashville and brag to your friends about your daughter's internet television show.

Most parents would promptly find a road to lay down on if their kid was 24 and painting their face black for an online video. I might do the same thing if MY kid did that.

So, thanks.
Thanks for calling me day in and day out trying to get me to record music or go to Australia.
Thanks for giving me your two cents on how my videos would be more pleasing to your tastes.
You know it sometimes drives me crazy.
And I know you still occasionally get nervous, like when you realize I'm walking around New York City at 4 am or when I tell you that I'm working on a live travel show that will allow me to do comedy for a living, but you handle it with grace.

One day, I can only hope your resilience will prove worth it when you get to retire in your beach home. Or, I at least promise to let you have one of the rooms in my house with a view of the backyard.

Love forever and ever (even when I don't include more footage of historical landmarks as narrated by me),

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