Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Club Royale

Tonight was Art Club.

In honor of such, I'd like to share some inspiration.

A1. Tonight I feel like I bought out all of Thrift City. When I tell you that a thrift store is a treasure trove of things like vintage sheets and fabrics, it is NO LIE. I'm calling this Christmas "Crafty Christmas" because I've got plans. And they include these:

Today I found two new blogs and they are "brain pastries", as Jacob would call them.
  • Freckled Nest- She posts pictures like these:

    I tell you right now. I WILL have a swing in my bedroom one day.

  • Volume 25- I love Love LOVE picture with words in them (as evidenced by all the pictures in my blogs). She does beautiful work like this:

Right now I LOVE wood grain. Like this:

found here

found here

Right now I really want to live in New York City. I wanted to live there when I was a kid, but the desire has reignited. If Conan or College Humor called me tomorrow, I might be on the next flight (and by "might", I mean "I most certainly would".) However, today I listened to a lot of Old Crow Medicine Show. This reminded me of the luxuries afforded by being Southern and dirty.

found here

I also really love Indians. The other night, Erin and I babysat the Hoppe children. We all decorated our own Indian headbands and then had a photo shoot.

Let's get married and live here, okay?

found here


gschof said...

i love everything about this.


you will be here so soon. this is a good day.

leslie said...

i need all of your crafty in my life...too bad i will never see you again.

gah. get in my life!

Allison Drew said...

1. I like that fabric.
2. And old crow medicine show. duh.