Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's okay to fight back, it's alright if you lose.

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In exactly one week, I'll be 24.
That feels like a pretty adult age to me.
And it's been one crazy year.

This time last year:
-I had only been living in Nashville 2 months
-I had a job, not managing action sports
-I was getting ready for the trip of a lifetime to see Copeland
-I was decorating for a pumpkin party
-I made somewhat funny videos with Erin to entertain our friends
-It was the first time I'd loved someone since Daniel Webb
-I wanted to go on a ghost tour in Franklin SO BAD
-I was shopping on elsiecake's etsy shop for a birthday present for Allison
-Ivey was two months old
-I couldn't wait to spend Halloween with some of my most favorite people on the planet in Washington DC
-Erin & I were shopping for feather headbands
-Justin Wylie and I went to a free Seabird concert at the Mercy Lounge and their music changed my life
-I'd had a gym membership one month

23 was a big year.
Some wins, some losses.
There are people I can't live without that I would've never met otherwise.
There are people I couldn't live without that I never see.
There are people I never see that I still can't live without.
I'm braver. I'm crazier.

And Daniel, I'm taking your advice and I'm opening up.

So see you guys next week, when I'm adult.
I expect big things out of this year because
I've seen God do ridiculous thing so far.
I know too many
funny people
crazy people
people who like to paint
have two dogs
live in too awesome of a town

for it to be anything less than amazing.


gschof said...

aside from wanting my arch nemesis (chinchillas gross me out) for a pet, i believe in EVERYTHING you are doing right now.

and i believe in you.

more than you can imagine.

leslie said...

i'm looking out for a big year from you...your life gives me hope.