Monday, September 28, 2009

Letters to the Ones I Love.

PS- This isn't because you were sad I didn't write one about you.

Dear America-
Erin McGown is one of the best humans I've ever had the privilege of meeting. She is crazy. She is funny. She is impulsive and she is surely going to get us kicked out of Sunday school. But I would surely trust her with my life, hanging off a cliff over a sea infested with bull sharks, and she knows what a big thing that is.

So Erin, you didn't take the traditional path and you may not have ever guessed that you'd be living in Nashville across the hallway from me with two smelly dogs in your bed. You're welcome, by the way. You're not a traditional path kind of girl and neither am I, as it turns out. But you are the best business partner I could've hoped for. Thank you for letting me throw fits the way I need to, and making me shut up the way I need to, and keeping me going the way I need to. Thanks for trusting me and for being real friends. Thanks for letting me tell you all my secrets and still choosing to speak to me. Mostly, thanks for sending me that Canada gift package three years ago and getting this whole thing started. You deserve a big thank you for the contribution you made to making my life what it is now. You are brilliant and help me be brave. Have no fears, ma'am. I promise to be back on Friday so we can sing Jason Derulo together again.

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