Monday, September 7, 2009

Letters to the Ones I Love.

Dear Molly-

One time, I was at training week at North Greenville and we were doing a group exercise. We were supposed to turn to our neighbor and tell them about someone in our lives that inspires us, or that we want to emulate. You told me about the person in your life and when it was my turn, I had nothing. I couldn't think of a single legitimate person. You said, "I'm going to be that for you."

Molly, what you don't know is that was a pretty tough time in my life. God had brought me to the wilderness and I was at the peak of solitary confinement. You sought me out. You happen to be pretty ridiculous, and by that I mean, 100 percent fun. But my favorite times with you were also the quiet times- laying on the floor under the tables in the Fuge store after camp closed on Saturday, talking about life and God and plans for the future. Thanks for hearing me. And thanks for being that for me.

Love- MeLissa

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Molly said...

I love you MeLissa. No, seriously... I really do. I'm glad that our friendship has done some good for you during difficult times in your life, but know that you do the same for others.

Your love for life, for friendship, for laughter, for the simple things in life constantly remind me to fight for joy in my own. You remind me to be grateful for the things Gods blessed us with and you remind me to really love the special people in my life. You're a constant encouragement...even when you don't realize it.

Come see me in DC.
OR Better yet.. find me a sweet job in nashville and I'll come to you... permanently!

Thanks for this post.. it was unexpected and completely special.