Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letters to the Ones I Love.

Dear Grace Schofield-

When you are around, I feel like I can make dinner for thirteen people in an hour using only two pots. I feel like I can paint cork titles with images from "Where the Wild Things Are". I feel like spending all my time making amazing, thoughtful presents for people I love across the country.

Grace, you're impossible to forget, but hard to remember. You are phenomenal in every sense of the word and I am so proud of this new found burst of life and creativity. You are going to change the a lot of live because of your passion to be the kind of person Christ is calling you to be. You are brave and, this year, your bravery has been one of the things that helped make my year so amazing. I love you and thanks for lending me all the hope you can muster.

Love, MeLissa

1 comment:

gschof said...

melissa gavarrette. you just killed me. in the best way possible.

i surely hope you know just how much i love you. in a very short amount of time you have become someone i value, trust, rely on, gain encouragement from... moreso than a lot of people who have come into my life.

i'll come paint wild things with you and make dinner for an army any day of the week. for real, nashville should just get ready... there's no stopping what we could accomplish when we both have hope :o)