Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letters to the Ones I Love.

This week, I am starkly aware of the fact that I need to:
A1. Pour into people more regularly
B2. Tell the ones I love, that I love them.
I decided, why not let this be a public proclamation? I've been accused of not letting my feelings show countless times before.
So here is number one.

Dear Allison-

I know we don't talk as much as we did in the 8th grade. I know we won't take a walk around your neighborhood when it gets freezing cold, but know that I'll surely think of it. I'll think of it the same way I think about bus trips and Kentucky every 4th of July. I'll think of it the same way I think of the University of Mobile every summer. And, as lame as other people might think I am, I'm always unnecessarily overjoyed to see when you respond to my Twitters, even when they're about ridiculous things like cats in my yard.

I know wherever you're going, you're going to make it better. I love you very much. And Rita, too. Really, everyone of those Hugonauts that live on Anastasia Street.

Love- Meem.


Allison Drew said...

I love you too. Of course.

Also, the other day (and by "other day" I mean during the summer) I told my kids the story about how you were almost forced into going to math camp. It was a big hit.

MeLissa said...

Oh gosh. The even better application I'd never considered... telling whiny camp kids that they could be at Fuge or they could go to MATH CAMP. Their choice.