Saturday, July 11, 2009

Awesome Week 2009: Day 5

Day 5 of Awesome Week started with an early breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle in Berry Hill. This is my new favorite breakfast restaurant. I'd even be as daring as to day that I like their pancakes more than The Pancake Pantry...

There is no better way to start the day than with unlimited pancakes covered in M&Ms and chocolate chips.

You get your own spatula, so you know it's a pretty serious restaurant. I wish I were able to eat a lot more pancakes...

Today Erin got a birthday present in the mail from her brother. I can't tell you what he sent her because of national security and online red flags, but know that they are all the components for creating something with a BANG! If you know what I mean.

I guess that makes Nathan a good brother? If your sister was really hoping for a bomb.

Tonight I had hang time with Lucas and Cali. We watched Veggie Tales and Finding Nemo while playing with crayons and eating goldfish crackers. We're pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to a good time.

This is Cali. She's a baby genius.

These are some of Cali's attempts at taking pictures for Awesome Week.

They played in the bathtub (as in a dry, empty bathtub) for about half an hour. Next time you and your friends are looking for something to fill the evening, try playing Ring Around The Rosy in the bathtub. We watched Finding Nemo and then red books about animals before finally closing our eyes and going to bed.

Images that didn't get captured: police analyzing a crime scene at Nolensville and Old Hickory at midnight. Also, all the shady houses we looked at today while trying to find a home to rent. Yikes.

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Allison Drew said...

Ha! I don't know I can eat at a place with a name like Pfunky Pantry,,,