Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Awesome Week 2009: Day 3

This was day 3 of Awesome Week.
Synonymous with "awesome"? An Orange Kabam smoothie from Smoothie King.
Erin almost mowed down a guest today, so I figured a smoothie would be a good distraction. Nothing says "don't worry about manslaughter" like a a low-fat frosty beverage.

Tonight we went to Elana's in Brentwood. The Baklava was supposed to be goooooood, so I had to have some. It's a good thing I don't know how to make this stuff because someone would surely be calling a Uhaul and taking my butt to an obesity clinic. Rude? Maybe.

Rocky loves Emily.

This is a fruit wrap with chicken in it. It may look crazy but it was delish! They also sell Bubble Tea at Elana's. I think I'm going to add Bubble Tea to Awesome Week.

Then we went to Brentwood Baptist for Night of Mayhem. I haven't been to a Wednesday night service since last August. Tonight we came expecting to dominate kids in basketball, 4 square and kareoke.

I was verbally assaulted by middle schoolers every time I missed a play. They also changed the rules quicker than they changed middle school crushes. I'm going to take down some middle schoolers the next chance I get.

This was Extreme Musical Chairs. Erin hung in there for a few rounds. I'm morally opposed to musical chairs, even if they're extreme.

We wrapped up the day with Stranger than Fiction in the cinema room at the YMCA at Maryland Farms. What would've been more awesome? Apparently my friend Casey was at Fido for an hour with Hanson. She didn't call me. I would say I wasn't bitter but that would be a blatant lie.


Uehlie said...

i'm glad that my love for elana's is spreading!! i'm just jealous i wasn't invited.

gschof said...

i saw those hanson pictures on facebook.


i thought for sure you would have been on the first rocket over there.

again. rude.

MeLissa said...

Yeah. RUDE!!!!!
Rude City Fest 2009

I mean, I'm really bitter.