Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awesome Week 2009: Day 2

Today is Day 2 of Awesome Week.
There are a lot of things I didn't capture, but I got some good visual records this evening.

Today was a "work from home" day. I spend a lot time working from my sofa office. Today i enjoyed a tasty Boca Burger meal. Sign me up for soy burgers. I call my iPhone "the Ninja Turtle" because it's a hero in a half shell.

Also know this- I want to put an Apple sticker on my car. I own an iPhone and an iPod, but I don't feel like I can rightfully put the sticker on my vehicle because this Apple laptop technically belongs to my company. Confession.

Today was pretty basic when it comes to daily activities. But it is also Tuesday, which means Kairos at Brentwood Baptist Church. It is also Pizza Tuesday, which means Erin and I give ourselves permission to eat unholy amounts of baked pizza as quickly as we can manage.

No bathroom is complete without a flamingo.

This is where Kairos takes place. I'm fully confident that I could successfully survive in here undetected for a considerable amount of time if necessary.

Tonight we experienced a pilgrimage. Wilson Hall filled with literally a thousand people.

This is Amy Haywood. I like her because she sings as loud as she wants. She's also sick talented and tomorrow we'll get to see her basketball skills unleashed.

Tonight the entire church was turned in to a unique place for confession and interspection. Is that a word? Let's go with it. The halls were filled with people praying and journaling, putting down the stones that were once used to condemn them. That's what I like about this place. This is what sets it apart from other churches. This building wasn't built so they could brag about having a coffee shop. It wasn't to host top level concerts. It wasn't to make people drop their jaws upon seeing the massive building. It was to accommodate the tons of people who come through these hallways every week. These people are encouraged to make these halls their own. They are encouraged to work out their salvations with fear and trembling here. They're called to take responsibility for responding to the Lord. It's a big church that is meant to be lived in. That is what the church is for- life.

Let me tell you- I agree that you can't encounter Jesus and not be changed somehow. I'm doing a lot of changing right now. I'm excited about the person I'm becoming, and it's really not through any talent or awesomeness of my own at all.

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