Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Love (but totally do!)

1. Motocross - I am an official redneck now. Cut, print, check the gate.

2. Scallops - I hate seafood, but I can put away some scallops. It really makes no sense that of ALL seafood, the one thing I'd make an exception on is scallops but I just can't get over how wonderful they are.

3. Dog the Bounty Hunter - I went through a Dog the Bounty Hunter phase a while back and then Dog went crazy and had to take time off. Our love fell to the wayside, but now he's back. And today I watched him dig a man out of a pile of trash in a basement and then offer that same man a cigarette of kindness. THAT is someone I want to know.

4. My iPhone - The truth is I didn't want an iPhone. I didn't want to become one of those Apple yuppies who went around checking their Facebook app all over town, throwing it in people's faces. I just wanted a phone to be a phone. But now I have an iPhone and now I don't even remember what life was like before it. I do remember it was dark... very dark...

5. Lost - I used to be the number one opponent of Lost. I had a personal vendetta against JJ Abrams. It started because of Lost and everyone saying things like "I just watched an entire episode and I have no idea what happened". I didn't want to be one of those people. Then I was forced to watched Cloverfield and that sealed the deal for me. I saw it as JJ Abrams big prank on America, the one that ended with him swimming in his swimming pool filled with movie ticket dollars. You got us JJ.
Then I spent last summer watching Lost. And I watch all four seasons like I was going to win a prize for it. And now I'm hooked and I go to the Hoppe's on an occasional Wednesday for group support while watching it. And it's a good day when Emory sends me her thoughts on current theories. And January 2010 is a long way away.

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gschof said...

ahhhh january 2010... i had just let it slip from my mind but now i'm antsy again. ugh. too long to wait...