Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love & War

Things I love:

-Ugly Betty
-Philmont (+ Brittany!)


-dressing like an indian

Things I do not love:

-staying awake for long car rides

Things I love/hate:



Allison Drew said...

-motocross? really? weird... but kind of fun.
-how did this obsession with narwhals start?
-for some reason i can't go to sleep during long car rides. i'm always staying awake. we should trade.
-south america. mustache. i hope you get that!

MeLissa said...

Yeah... I laugh at myself for motocross, but we've had it at our past two events. It's just crazy! The things these guys can do... I could watch it all day. I'm a redneck.

-Narwhals...hmm, I'm sure it goes back to some random conversation I had with Erin. I mean, narwhals. They are ridiculous looking! And its been amazing to see how they are sneaking their way into every aspect of my life.

-I would certainly trade you. I am the worst road trip partner.