Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I saw the sign.

Two things I noticed about myself tonight:
  1. I am OBNOXIOUSLY Type B.
  2. I abhor underwear shopping.

    Take it to the bank.
Current addictions:
  • Caramel Popcorn Eggs from Easter= ridic.
  • Playing Coldplay Tap Tap on my phone
  • Mark Scibilia
  • Jake & Amir
  • coming up with revolutionary ideas with Erin & Justin

Right now I'm mad busy because work is out of control right now. Its in a good way, I just can't seem to get ahead. I don't know where my time goes but I know I'm constantly going. I'm going to tell my boss I spend my days playing Mahjongg, but he might not think that's as funny as I do.

Tonight I looked at some VERY excellent footage of an Erin & MeLissa Show secret project. It's top secret. I hope to be able to tell everyone very soon, and by "tell" I mean that I can show you...

My current aspiration is to meet someone I will refer to as "Person X" because I am also currently addicted to keeping up with their work. So far I've stuck out twice. What is it they say about the third time? Let's hope.


I thought you were supposed to feel better when you did the right thing. This was not the case tonight. Instead, the longer I thought about the whole scene, I just got more and more upset. In trying to reach out to someone, they LITERALLY ran away because they thought I was trying to con them into helping me out. Ran away. Running.

I wasn't going to explain the whole back story leading up to my decision to reach out, but I ended up doing it. I don't know if it helped. I think it just made the person feel bad for RUNNING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF ME.

Another aspect of this story is that just the day before, I had decided that this person was my arch enemy. They didn't know that. Actually, only Erin & Jesus knew it. My arch enemy ignores people and forgets to practice understanding and humility, at least in my experience with them and that's all that counts when making a judgment based on experience. Anyway, point in case- "arch enemy" award handed out. Done.

I don't know if this person is still my arch enemy. I'm still more experiencing more of the upset than the gladness of stepping out on faith, but the Lord usually has a funny way of going with the surprise ending. I'm sure my arch enemy will end up saving me from a burning building and I'll owe them my first and second born, whom I'll gladly give up due to my sense of gratitude and indebtedness. I can't believe I just spelled "indebtedness" correctly on the first shot.


I am a toddler in the sense that I am so tired, yet I still insist on fighting off sleep.

On the other hand, here is a pretty awesome crocheted narwhal. Feel free to buy the pattern and make me one in every color. I've even made it easy to do so... click on the picture. Or maybe you're a crochet genius and you can pretty much make it if you see it. In which case, one in every color, thank you.

Here is a picture of the Narwhal in it's native environment. As we all knew, the Narwhal is a Cash Money Millionaire and quite the artist when it comes to scratching it up on the turntables.

The past two nights in the Social Cinema Room at the YMCA, the movies have been "Hairspray" and "Phenomenon". An irrational love of John Travolta is creeping in...


Allison Drew said...

Really? I feel like you are definitely type A...

Your arch enemy sounds kind of rude...

John Travolta... he was such a heart trob in grease.

leslie said...

it's definitely good to know that i am not your arch enemy...or am i?

word verification: mockbo -- sort of like tai-bo, but you mock instead of kick or punch...ruuuude.

MeLissa said...

People think Type A. That's only in rare occasions, like where I know everyone in the room very well. I know. It's weird.

My arch enemy is currently growing on me. (That arch enemy NOT being LEslie Metcalf)

And Grease was the other JT movie playing at the YMCA. That really sealed the deal for me. Danny Zucco- sign me up.