Saturday, March 7, 2009

You've got growing up to do.

It has been too long.

Mostly I haven't written anything in a while because I haven't had anything worth reading. But tonight I present a thought that has been stirring in my brain for a while.

Some people just get cuter as they get older. This makes me glad, because Hollywood (really, the whole world) is so focused on being young and beautiful. I present some examples:

John Cusack in Say Anything. Here he is working on a remarkable mullet.

John Cusack now. Dream boat.--->

Kevin Bacon in Footloose...a little creature-ish.

I may be alone in this, but I think Kevin Bacon has grown into his crazy features as he's gotten older.

I've always thought Tom Cruise looked like a woodland creature in Top Gun. He's little and... just little.

Now, I know he's crazy, but he's definitely a lot more handsome as an adult crazy person.

This was Brad Pitt 15 years ago.

Sometimes they just stay handsome.

If anyone knows John Cusack, let him know that I don't care that he was born in 1966.
I'll still marry him.

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gschof said...

you'll have to fight me over him.