Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in a name?

This weekend a dear girl named Jessica Brown was in town and when she put captions under pictures I was in, she called me a name I hadn't heard in a while.

This led me to create this blog.

Depending on the name I'm called, you can determine what point in my life I knew that person

  • Mely- ("mehl-ee") my email address includes this word. This is because I created my glorious hotmail account in the 7th grade. When I lived in Miami.
    People who usually call me this: Shelly Snodgrass, anyone in the 305
    *Note: Erin and my friend Leslie have started calling me this as of late...

  • Meem- ("mim") When my youngest brother Austin was born, he started with "Mimi" but that is so tedious. He shortened it just to "Meem". There's a long story on it's pronunciation that is boring and unimportant.
    People who usually call me this: People in Lake City (like Jessica Brown), my whole family (like Austin Gavarrette)

  • Gavarrette- ("smith") Normally boys and/or teachers go for this nick-name. Is it considered a nickname if it's my last name? Let's go with it.
    People who usually call me this: Angelia Steinruck (my 8th grade American History teacher), Andrew Dockery

  • Big Steve- ("Big-Steev") It's safe to assume that my sassiness began long, long ago. Once, while eating dinner at the Demott residence, I informed the other diners that I sometimes went by the alias "Big Steve". That Halloween, I got a wonderfully decorated goodie bag with that name printed in puff paint. I still have it somewhere...
    People who usually call me this: Louann Demott, Bookies

Other names include:
  • MeLissa Nicolai- My Honduran grandpa calls me this because my middle name is Nicole. It's a good thing Nicolai is the name of the anti-christ in the Left Behind series.
  • Mel- I'm not a fan of this name, but I get it occasionally. I'll live.
  • Missy- Actually, I never get this one. Thank goodness.
  • Cinderella-Snow White-Sleeping Beauty-Beauty & the Beast- This is one Jose Gavarrette calls me. And no, it's not one at a time. He strings together as many Disney princesses as he can remember at the moment and that is ONE name. Sometimes he throws in "Aladdin" and I hope that's because he can't remember "Jasmine" and not because I just look more like Aladdin.
  • Your Highness, Girl, Martha, Militia, Joshua, Austin, Pumpkin, You *#&&H#*

That was quite the peek into my life.


Allison Drew said...

I will never call you Missy. That's a dogs name...

leslie said...

i will never call you Missy either. but i will continue to call you Mely...mainly because it's oober-fun like you.

word verification: stickete

"just stand your ground! stickete to the man!"

Yesica Cafe said...

My dad likes to call me "Squirrel bait." I don't know how I never got a complex that I was only being raised as barn feed... Especially since he also called me "Jelly belly" -- meaning, he was fattening me up for the occassion.