Sunday, March 8, 2009

We are family.

I love tumblr sites.

Another little gem I'd like to share with you is a tumblr that posts crazy family portraits.
Allison, you KNOW which church directory photo you need to scan and send in...

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Mom: This is the best idea I've EVER had! And Craig with the red turtle neck. See how clever I am?!
Dad, daughter & son: Kill me.

This is a Wes Anderson movie in the making. I want to know where that yoga-posing 8 year old is now.

At first I thought the daughter might have some sort of medical issue. Then I checked out the other ladies in the picture. I decided they might ALL have some sort of medical issue.

Photographer: Okay Mr. and Mrs. Washington. I've got an idea. Just go with it...

Apparently this baby got dressed up for a special occasion, which translates into "I've GOT to wear my polka dot cowboy hat."


Allison Drew said...

I'll get on that.
The Washingtons are my favorite.

MeLissa said...

Yeah, I think they are my mot favorite picture on that whole site.

I just can't imagine the conversation that had to happen to get an entire family to take off their clothes for a family portrait.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. I love this!!! I think I have one of my family. I don't know if I would share it though.... scary!!

Grey said...

this is my new blog....