Sunday, February 8, 2009

You got so much love in you.

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Today was a really good Sunday morning for me.
We talked about the Beatitudes.

It kicked my butt.

My struggle as of late?
I struggle with showing mercy.
I struggle with showing grace.
I struggle with meekness.
I struggle with gentleness.

It's pretty embarrassing.

We really delved into it, talked about what mercy meant, what meekness looked like. It's not that I had a skewed picture of what those words were, I just had a skewed ideas as to whether or not I was living those things.

Neil Hoppe said that Pharisees started out with good intentions. They preserved the traditions that would've died out had people not committed to living the word. But it stopped being about becoming clean and instead became about not getting dirty.

I want a heart set on getting clean instead of living like it's not already dirty.
I'm going to go hang out with kids now, but I do want to start spending more time serving others. My natural inclination is just to take time away, but this doesn't help me because my issue is giving up control. I need to spend time loving people through their ridiculousness.
Hang in there with me.


gschof said...

i'm hanging in there with you not only because i believe in you, but because you have hung in there with me lately when i have been uncontrollably, unnecessarily, unflinchingly crasy and surely not full of mercy and grace.

we go through seasons of highs and lows. pits and peaks. we need to be reminded of grace, mercy, and what our gifts are that we need to share with each other.

you bring a good word melissa. and i believe in your abilities. surely.

Allison Drew said...

"I need to spend time loving people through their ridiculousness."

Me too. Amen.