Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunny with a high of 75

A random smathering:

-Today the sun was out.

-I had three pieces of flair sent to me on Facebook about being short. I don't care about being short. I moreso care about the fact that I look 14.

-"He's Just Not That Into You" left me confused.

-The Rocket Summer has been in my head for three days now.

-Sometimes you just NEED pumpkin loaf from Starbucks.

-Today, in between The Rocket Summer has been "Sunny with a High of 75" because it was on the radio.

-I finally washed my car after I trashed it driving to Brock Gill's house last week.

-I do NOT care a dang thing about Top Gun. I watched a little bit of it at the YMCA the other day. I still don't care. I have no desire to love it. I don't care about it.

-I fight going to sleep at night. Every morning I think to myself 'I should really go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.'

-I'd share my current sin struggle if I didn't think you wouldn't be my friend afterward.

-I will be going to Louisiana for the first time this month!

-The College Humor Show premieres tonight! (Sunday!)

-Dimitri Martin is ALSO getting his own show.

-I want a journal online because I'm to lazy to write. And by 'journal online', I don't mean this blog.

-I don't like thinking that I'm developing an addiction to work, but this could be the case.

-It's time for some new shoes.

- Look, I REALLY want to go on vacation very soon. Probably to the beach. That would be my most favorite idea.

-I wish I had a poignant end to this blog... For some of you old school friends, know that my long dormant media group may be coming back to life. And by 'maybe', I mean... it is.

-Good night America.

1 comment:

Allison Drew said...

-I totally listened to relient k today! Werid.
-I miss the rocket summer. I think you may have inspired me to listen again.
-I don't wash my car... the rain does it for me.
-Top gun? I don't know no top gun. Shoot.